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Losing a loved one is heartbreaking under any circumstances. However, it’s devastating when unexpected and the result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another.

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No one should have to deal with the pain, 痛苦, and loss that comes from the death of a family member. 不幸的是, some situations are impossible for loved ones to predict or control, 这可能会导致死亡.

有时, a family member was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, resulting in fatal injuries from a drunk driver or criminal. 在这种情况下, suing for wrongful death can help protect your needs and those of surviving family members. If you choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit at 凯琳法律有限公司,客户端很荣幸为您提供 法律援助 让你的过程更简单.


A lawsuit may be brought against any entity, 公司, or individual responsible for the death of another.

仍然, only certain people may receive compensation for this type of claim under Michigan’s Wrongful Death Act, 包括:

  • 配偶及子女
  • 兄弟姐妹
  • 死者配偶的子女
  • 父母和祖父母
  • Any beneficiary in the deceased person’s will

A wrongful death claim is a civil lawsuit, 不是刑事案件, and may be filed even if the death is already the focus for criminal charges brought by the state.


Filing a claim is time-sensitive and requires special attention to detail, 由于这些案件的复杂性. The wrongful death statute of limitations in Michigan is three years, and you must prove that your loved one would still be alive if not for the action or inaction of another.

Damages covered by a monetary award by the court may include:

  • 未来损失的工资
  • 与受损财产有关的费用
  • Reasonable 医疗, 医院 and burial expenses
  • 痛苦和折磨
  • Loss of care, including the intangible benefits of a relationship with the deceased

根据密歇根法律, 医疗, 医院, 葬礼, and burial expenses must be paid from the monetary award. Any remaining funds are split among beneficiaries named in the will of the deceased.

What Is Wrongful Death?

When the death of a family member was caused deliberately or because of negligence, that’s called wrongful death. Unfortunate accidents at work can indeed happen, but what if the business owner knew certain equipment was dangerous and didn’t warn employees or take steps to protect them? In that case, courts see the accident as wrongful death because it could have been prevented.

There are many situations where filing a wrongful death lawsuit is both appropriate and wise:

  • A car accident caused by an intoxicated or inattentive driver
  • 公共射击
  • 肇事逃逸
  • 犯罪袭击造成的死亡
  • 工作过失事故
  • 医疗事故

Whenever a loved one experienced injuries that would have entitled them to compensation and died as a result, family members can file a wrongful death claim. Under Michigan’s Wrongful Death Act, 配偶, 孩子们, 兄弟姐妹, 父母, 爷爷奶奶, 受益人可以提起诉讼.


At 凯琳法律有限公司, we have extensive experience with wrongful death claims. We can take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry. This includes taking the time to understand your situation and your family’s needs. We can file a lawsuit for you, prepare your case, gather needed evidence, and represent you in court.

You can receive compensation for a number of damages:

  • 失去财政支持
  • 医疗费用
  • 丧葬费
  • 服务丢失
  • 丧失继承前景
  • 失去父母的指导
  • 痛苦和折磨

What Are the Benefits of Speaking With a 意外死亡律师?

One reason it’s important to contact a wrongful death attorney is that the claims process in Michigan is complicated. 犯错误代价高昂. 同时, filing a lawsuit right away matters to help you with expenses and ensure your needs are protected right now and in the future. This can give you a measure of peace of mind.

Compassionate, Caring, and Experienced 意外死亡律师s in Michigan

If you’re unsure of the next steps to take, contact our team right away at 凯琳法律有限公司. A wrongful death attorney can explain your options patiently and offer recommendations you can trust. Our goal is to help you get the compensation you deserve while ensuring you don’t need to handle any uncomfortable details.

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